Alliance For Progress Charter School

Board Of Directors

Alliance for Progress Charter School is governed by the AFPCS Board of Directors.  If complaints or concerns arise regarding AFPCS' policies or procedures, parents/guardians can address their complaints and/or concerns by taking the following steps in this order:

  1. Arrange a time to meet with the CEO to discuss concerns.
  2. Leave a message for the Board of Directors 215-232-4892 ext. 3.
  3. Attend a Board Meeting (see dates below).
  4. Discuss your issue with a board member.
  5. Arrange a meeting with at least 3 of the following board members:
    Larry Griffin, President
    Karen Trawick, Secretary
    Rev. Christopher Neilson, Treasurer
    Valerie Allen
    Shirley Davis
    Monique Gaillard
    David Gruber
    Marvin Lenetsky

    *Call AFPCS Main Office for specific contact information.
Board Meeting Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year
(*All meetings are held at 6:00pm in the Lower School)
Tuesday, July 19th Tuesday, January 24th - Meeting Cancelled
Tuesday, August 16th Tuesday, February 21st
Tuesday, September 20th Tuesday, March 21st
Tuesday, October 25th Tuesday, April 18th
Tuesday, November 15th Tuesday, May 23rd
Tuesday, December 13th Tuesday, June 20th
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Tel. 215-232-4892  •  Fax 215-232-4893

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